About us

Now That You Know What We Can Do – Here’s a Bit About Who We Are!

Our Commitment Is to Excellence, Our Goal Is Your Satisfaction & Our Motive Is Environmental Sustainability

Over the years, we at Glisten Co. have been able to keep on growing and improving upon by combining the collective experience of over 10 employees. When Glisten Co. came to existence, our main aim was to promote a cleaner, more hygienic living and working space. At the same time, our founders, Patrick and Shane, realized that the seas were in danger because of the large amounts of contaminants thrown in it.

That is when Glisten Co. decided to focus on saving the Earth to whatever extent circumstances would enable. We have you to thank for helping us with this noble venture, showing us your support and interest throughout the way.

Today, our clientele isn’t just limited to one sector but extends across residents and businesses throughout San Diego – a list was made possible only because of the trust you put in us and the impeccable service that followed.

From IICRC training and certification to offering personalized cleaning services and rigorous training for our maids to ensure cleaning is done your way, we aim to tailor everything toward you. All we need is a call from you!

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Our Vision

“We aren’t just in the cleaning business, but also the business of saving the Oceans – particularly the reefs. We strive toward client satisfaction because that way, not only are we enhancing the standard of living for those we serve, but their contributions will also enable us to do more.”
Call us today to have your home cleaned while helping save our ocean (619) 990-8904