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HOA & Apartment Cleaning in San Diego

Freshen Up & Keep Your Property Looking Like New

If you are a San Diego Apartment property manager or Condo HOA manager who wants to keep your property looking new, consider hiring a professional Apartment Building Cleaning Service that also provides maintenance for your property. A consistently clean, fresh and well-maintained property will  protect your investment, keep residents happy and keep everyone safe.

Why Choose GLISTEN for HOA Cleaning & Maintenance Services in San Diego:

Glisten Commercial Cleaning has a proven record of providing high-quality, professional cleaning and maintenance services  for apartments and condo HOAs in the San Diego area. Employing trustworthy  and reliable employees to clean and maintain your property. We bring all needed cleaning supplies which include our eco-friendly cleaning products. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed.

Keeping Your Common Areas Clean: Our HOA Maintenance Service Areas

  • Building lobbies (including stone flooring and carpeting), facades, and entrances
  • Apartment, high-rise, office, and condo hallways and staircases
  • Fitness rooms, onsite business centers, and meeting facilities
  • Community clubhouses, lounges, and game rooms
  • Employee workspaces and break areas
  • Community greenspaces, paved paths, parks, outdoor seating, and landscaping
  • Apartment, condo, and high-rise windows
  • Rooftop decks, common spaces, and garden areas

A Quality Clean That Your Tenants Can Feel

Glisten provides high-quality cleaning that ensures a pristine and inviting environment. Our skilled cleaning teams follow a consistent cleaning schedule to address every aspect of  condo and apartment common areas that residents will notice. From meticulously vacuuming and mopping floors to thorough dusting and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, we leave no corner untouched. The cleaning process extends to glass and mirror polishing, upholstery and furniture care, and even carpet cleaning to maintain a fresh and hygienic atmosphere. With our unsurpassed attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we’re serious about the meaning of cleaning.

Customize Your Apartment Cleaning Services for Your Property

At Glisten we can create a customized plan to meet your budget, cleaning and maintenance needs. Collaborating closely with you, we develop flexible and comprehensive cleaning schedules to address the individual needs of each common area.

Whether it's a high-rise condo with multiple floors and elevators or a sprawling apartment complex with diverse shared spaces, our cleaning and maintenance teams adapt to ensure immaculate and well-maintained spaces. Our customized plans will cater to your distinct needs.

At Glisten Cleaning Services, our goal is to provide a clean, hygienic, and well-maintained environment that enhances the living experience for residents and reflects positively on the property management. We are happy to provide all the apartment building cleaning services you need and nothing you don't!

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Benefits of Hiring an HOA Cleaning & Maintenance Service:

Hiring a professional cleaning and maintenance service can offer the following  benefits for an HOA, the residents and the community:

Enhanced Property Appeal: Regular cleaning and maintenance by professionals can improve the overall appearance of the community, making it more attractive to current and potential residents and can increase property values.

Saves Time: Outsourcing cleaning and maintenance tasks to a professional service allows HOA members and residents to focus on their own responsibilities and daily lives without having to worry about property upkeep.

Professional and Consistent Results: Cleaning and maintenance services are done by trained professionals who have the expertise and equipment  to deliver high-quality, consistent results.

Cost-Effectiveness: While there is a cost associated with hiring a cleaning and maintenance service, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. Regular maintenance helps prevent major repairs or replacements, reducing potential expenses for the HOA.

Compliance with Regulations: HOAs often have specific regulations and standards for property upkeep. Hiring a professional service ensures that these requirements are met, helping the community maintain a uniform and tidy appearance.

Improved Community Satisfaction: A well-maintained and clean community leads to higher resident satisfaction. This fosters a sense of community and cooperation.

Timely Response to Issues: A dedicated HOA Professional Maintenance Service can promptly address any issues that arise, such as broken fixtures or landscaping concerns. A swift response prevents minor problems from escalating. Ensuring resident safety can reduce your liability. 

Access to Specialized Services: Professional maintenance services often have access to specialized equipment and techniques for various tasks, such as pressure washing, window cleaning, and landscaping. This ensures comprehensive care for the entire community.

Overall, hiring a cleaning service like Glisten contributes to a clean, well-maintained, visually appealing community, enhancing the quality of life for all residents and protecting your property. Let Glisten be a trusted part of your HOA Residential Services team. 

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Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Condo or Apartment Building 

The first impression of your condo or apartment building matters. Our Glisten Condo and Apartment Building Cleaning Services provide a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for residents, owners, prospective tenants and visitors. Glisten offers the following services:

Regular Cleaning Schedule: We establish a regular schedule for cleaning common areas, which may include hallways, lobby areas, elevators, staircases, mailrooms, laundry rooms, fitness centers, clubhouses, onsite business centers, and other shared spaces.

Floor Cleaning: Our cleaning team will vacuum or sweep and mop floors in common areas to remove dirt, dust, and debris, ensuring they are clean and presentable.

Dusting and Surface Wiping: All surfaces, including handrails, doorknobs, windowsills, and light fixtures, are dusted and wiped down to remove accumulated dust and grime.

Disinfection: High-touch surfaces such as elevator buttons, intercom systems, and communal entryways are thoroughly disinfected to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Trash and Recycling Removal: Our cleaning team empties trash bins and recycling containers in common areas and ensures they are properly disposed of and replaced with clean liners.

Glass and Mirror Cleaning: Glass doors, windows, and mirrors are cleaned and polished to maintain a streak-free and attractive appearance.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning: If there are upholstered furnishings in the common areas, the cleaning service may offer upholstery cleaning to keep them looking fresh and clean.

Carpet Cleaning: Carpets in hallways and other communal spaces are regularly vacuumed and professionally cleaned to remove stains and maintain a fresh and hygienic environment.

Entrance Cleaning: The entrance or lobby area is given special attention to create a positive first impression for residents and guests. This may include cleaning the reception desk, sweeping the entrance area, and ensuring mats are clean and well-maintained.

Maintenance: In addition to cleaning, we provide maintenance tasks, such as changing light bulbs, fixing minor fixtures, and reporting any issues that require further attention.

Seasonal Cleaning: Depending on the location and climate, the cleaning service may offer seasonal services, such as exterior cleaning, pressure washing, and sidewalk cleaning to keep the exterior areas clean and appealing.